Digital Wallet (Apple Pay & Google Pay)

Tap and Go Payment Convenience

With our Digital Wallet service, you can now use your FNB Debit Card for payments with either Apple Pay (on iOS) or Google Pay™ (on Android) payment services!

Security and privacy is at the core of our Digital Wallet feature, so when you add your FNB Debit Card to either of the above services you'll be happy to know that your actual card number is not stored on your device, or on either platform's servers. Instead, a unique number is assigned for your transaction, encrypted for enhanced security, and securely stored on your device. 

Each transaction you make is authorized and uses a one-time unique (and dynamic) security code instead of the code on the back of your card. Just look for participating stores showing the contactless payment symbol and you'll be able to enjoy the convenience of "tap and go" payment ease - whether you're an iPhone or Android user!

Important Reminder

Once you've added your FNB Debit Card to either Apple Pay or Google Pay, it's important that you ensure your card is set as the default if you have multiple cards. You'll want to be sure that when you go to make a payment that it selects your FNB Debit Card for the transaction! 

For additional information please visit either Apple Pay or Google Pay for details, limitations, and further instructions.

Apple Pay and Google Pay

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