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Meet SAM, Our Super Awesome Machine
Monday, December 4, 2017 / Categories: Electronic & Convenience Banking

Meet SAM, Our Super Awesome Machine

Here to Serve You 24/7/365!

We’d like to introduce you to our newest team member… SAM. While SAM isn’t a “real person”, SAM is here to help take care of your banking needs just like the “human” team members you’ve come to know and love at First National Bank.

But unlike us humans, SAM never takes a vacation, never gets sick, and works around the clock and always available to help. You see SAM (which stands for Super Awesome Machine) is really an ITM - or an Interactive Teller Machine.

You can use SAM like a regular ATM to get cash, check balances, transfer funds, etc. But SAM also gives you the option to use a two-way video screen, and that’s why it’s Super Awesome.

SAM’s video chat capabilities allow you to connect with a friendly customer service team member at the bank. You can carry on a conversation just like you’re sitting with us “in person,” receive additional details about your account, and ask any questions you may need the answer to!

Where is SAM? SAM can be found at the First National Bank branches of Syracuse, Johnson and Ulysses (Garden City coming later). We encourage you to stop by for a visit and try the video conferencing and experience the convenience you get from SAM, our Super Awesome Machine.

*Note: Video chat with an FNB staff member is only available during business hours at this time. However, we’re looking to extend these to make before and after “banker’s hours” conversations possible.



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