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The Adventures of Max the Dog: Getting One Step Closer To His Own Backyard
Tuesday, May 21, 2019 / Categories: Home Ownership, Personal Banking, The FNB Difference

The Adventures of Max the Dog: Getting One Step Closer To His Own Backyard

The sun rises at approximately 7:03 am in the spring, which means my paws hit the ground running at 7:04 am. My name is Max, I’m a yellow Labrador with a lot of energy. As soon as I see a glimpse of light through the small window in our apartment, it is my duty to wake up my parents. My nails scrape against the hardwood floor and I rocket through the hallway, only steps away from my grand entrance. I trust the laws of physics and the notion of kinetic energy, so only three steps are necessary for my lean figure to jump between my parents, with enough force to generate some sort of response. 

When I finally convince one of them to get out of bed, it is now my favorite part of the day--morning walk. You see, we live in an apartment building with multiple floors, and no backyard, so whenever I need to go outside, we have to leave the apartment, walk down a couple flights of stairs, then around the block on a leash. And so we’re all on the same page, I’m not a big fan of the leash because it restricts me from chasing squirrels and sniffing all the wonderful smells along the way, but it makes my humans happy so… Our apartment building was my first home, so I know everyone in the building; the lady down the hall gives me treats, the old man on floor two does not like my slobber, and the white Pomeranian on the first floor is not allowed to play rough… I love all of the unique quirks of this building, however I know my parents are ready to move. 

Last night I was snuggled up with my mom on the couch, while she was working on her laptop. I heard her say that she was going to be gone all day trying to apply for a loan at a bank. I hate when my parents leave, I wait by the door all day until one of them gets home. Once they do… I cannot help but run in circles and slobber all over their faces. I then heard my dad suggested she apply for a mortgage loan online with First National Bank instead.

Because it’s something that can be done online, it’s much faster (and convenient) than the old-fashioned way of trying to get a home loan. To me, this means mom won’t have to leave me and we could take our afternoon walk for the long loop around both blocks! They try and tire me out but it never works - I’ve got lots of energy. 

Learning about the online application option, my mom’s face grew the biggest smile I have ever seen, like the one I do after I destroy all my plush toys. This meant we were one step closer to making her Pinterest board called “Dream House” come true. Before I knew it, mom was going for my leash for an extra evening walk because she got through the application process right then! It was so fast! It was almost as fast as I eat my dinner, which is impressive. 

For the first time the decision to move into a home of our own does not feel far away. This meant I’ll get my own backyard to explore (with squirrels), tons of new smells and no more leashes! Can’t wait for mom and dad to hear back from First National Bank on their mortgage application (and how much longer it will be before we can start thinking about moving)! 



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