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The Adventures of Max the Dog: Found the Perfect Home
Monday, June 3, 2019 / Categories: Home Ownership

The Adventures of Max the Dog: Found the Perfect Home

The sun creeps over the horizon this morning, and I begin my morning routine, 7:03 am on the dot. My paws stretch out and my nails touch the hardwood as I begin my departure from my bed. However, suddenly, I am alarmed and stunned as I see my mom is awake before I am?! This almost never happens! I jolt over to find her, as she is sitting on the couch on her computer. Immediately sprinting over, I grabbed my leash with my mouth and jumped up on the couch. My grin included a blue tethered leash and excitement beyond belief.

Today on our morning walk, I noticed that my mom has not lost that giant smile she had the other night. She even let me tug on the leash a little to sniff the white Pomeranian down the hall (I am still not allowed to carry him around like one of my toys though, woof). As we made our way down the street, we took a turn that we normally do not take. Then it hit me. Mom’s taking me to the dog park! We never have time in the mornings to do this!

All morning I played with new friends and knocked over people who stood in my line of fire. This was the best morning. When we got home, I heard my mom talking to my dad about the application she filled out this morning online with First National Bank. I have heard this name before and knew that it was the reason why my parents have been able to spend so much time with me recently.

Now, I find myself in full support and will not bark or jump on anyone during this conversation. My mom said that all she had to do was fill out the application, which was all online, and shortly after it was submitted, one of the friendly bankers gave her a call to schedule an appointment to go over the logistics of the loan! After the application is approved, we’ll get to go house shopping and tour homes with BACKYARDS!

It seemed like only a few times of throwing the ball around at the dog park and we received the magic call, the go-ahead, the universal acceptance to freedom. The day has come for my mom and dad to take work off and leash me up. This time, I will not run and hide because we get to go look for their dream house, and my dream backyard. My requirements on the house are very slim; it is the backyard that takes all of my concern. I need there to be ample space for running, chasing, lounging, and playing.

All of those concepts may seem the same to you, but trust me if I have the square footage, I will show you a thing or two. My parents told me that I get to be the judge on the landscape, I am secretly going to choose a house with wood chips because woodchips are a delectable after dinner snack.

We depart the house with papers in my mom’s hands and my leash in my dad’s. (I have nothing in my hands, due to my lack of thumbs, woof). Driving through neighborhoods with kids playing catch, fellow dogs barking, and people going for their afternoon runs, we scavenge for the perfect home. Our car finally stops and I hop out. I see tears pool in my mom’s eyes and I see her reach out and squeeze my dad’s hand. There is something about this house that spoke to her when we pulled up in the driveway.

Inside the house, we are greeted with hardwood floors, to which I know I will be able to scratch up in three hours. There’s a giant open living room that flows into the kitchen. This kitchen looks familiar as I think I have seen it before on my mom’s computer, probably on her Pinterest board. As we walk a little further, there are four french doors leading into a lush green space; wood chips lining the beds of flowers, squirrels chasing each other from maple to maple, and a white picket fence that borders it all. Over the fence, I can see a black Labrador playing with a frisbee with his owner, while their other brown Newfoundland checks out the commotion across the street. I am in heaven as I look to my parents to see if they are as in love with it as I am. By the look on their faces, I think our hunt is over.

I began to bark at the man who was showing us around and then rolled over on my back to show him my belly (this is how I show appreciation and then I hope I look adorable and get belly rubs, woof). My parents told him that this means that I approve of the house, and they nodded their heads in agreement.



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