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Ways To Deposit Checks Without Coming To The Bank
Friday, May 21, 2021 / Categories: Personal Banking

Ways To Deposit Checks Without Coming To The Bank

Mobile Capture and Remote Deposit


All you have to do is register your First National Bank account with our online banking through our website. Once you have done that, download the FNB Windmill app from the Google Play Store or Apple store, open the check deposit feature and follow the instructions. The app will ask you to enter a deposit amount, as well as take a picture of the front and the back of the check. This new way of depositing checks reduces the risk of loss or theft of your checks as well as improves cash flow.


Once First National Bank receives the check images, they will be processed and cleared, and you will be notified that your check has been posted to your account and the money has been deposited. The mobile capture and remote deposit will inform you if your check has been rejected or already deposited.


Besides convenience, what else does mobile capture and deposit provide me with? Mobile capture and deposit allow you to immediately know if your check has been deposited or rejected, as well as help you enhance your mobile banking experience by complementing and expanding your financial institution's current mobile banking products and services.



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