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How to avoid fraud on your debit card
Friday, June 11, 2021 / Categories: Personal Banking

How to avoid fraud on your debit card

Not as rare as it once was.

Becoming a victim of debit card fraud is not as rare as it once was. More and more cards are being hacked and used by other people other than the card owner, and there's not much that can be done to prevent it from happening. The good news is there are ways to reduce the chances of it happening to your debit card, but you must take the steps below to do so!

  1. Avoid using your debit card online. Well, you might say, how am I supposed to buy anything off the internet? You still can, but it is a better idea to use a credit card. By using a credit card, you are not allowing hackers to find and retrieve your bank account information that comes with shopping off a debit card. Credit cards are more secure because they do not have money on them, and they offer higher [protection against the liability for fraudulent charges that may occur. 

  2. Avoid “skeptical” ATMs. Most ATMs are safe to use, but try to avoid the ones that are not at the bank. ATMs outside the bank not only charge a fee that can make their way into your account, but hackers also tamper with ATMs outside the bank in hopes of stealing card numbers. If an ATM asks for your PIN twice, immediately terminate the transaction and find a different ATM to use. Whenever something seems out of the ordinary when using an ATM, it is best to end the transaction and go elsewhere. 

  3. Cover your PIN. Whether you are at the store, using an ATM, or any other type of card reading machine, make sure you are covering your PIN when entering it. This may seem unnecessary, but remember, there are people out there working hard to get your PIN number, so hard that they are filming you entering your PIN into a keypad. No matter where you are, or who is around you, COVER YOUR PIN!

  4. Share your plans to travel with your bank. Before you go on vacation, it is important to make sure you contact your bank and tell them where you will be. If you go on a trip to a different state or country and decide to use your debit card, the bank will think someone stole your information and is hacking your account. Therefore, make sure you tell your bank so they do not think fraudulent activity is happening as well as make sure they will not freeze your account and interrupt your travel plans. 

Check your card activity regularly. The easiest way to find out if your card is being hacked is to simply check your account activity. You have within 60 days to alert your bank of any suspicious activity on your card in order to receive any of your losses. If you realize your PIN has been stolen, alert your bank so you can receive a new one. Remember, if you do not contact your bank and inform them of what is going on, you will be held liable for the charges.



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