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Do Your Banking “On The Go”
Friday, December 1, 2017 / Categories: Business Banking, Electronic & Convenience Banking, Personal Banking

Do Your Banking “On The Go”

Drive Up. Drive Away. We'll Take Care of the Rest

We know our customers live busy lives. Between work, getting the kids to their various sporting events, and dropping them to and from school, it seems like there is just not enough time in the day. We get it and First National Bank takes your time into consideration by making it easier to get your banking needs done quickly and conveniently. 

Our Banking "On the Go" Service allows customers to drop their transactions at any time so they can get on with their day. This will be the speedy drop that anyone can use if they don't need a receipt and/or periodically checked throughout the day (unlike traditional "night deposit" services). Anything dropped after the end of the day will be posted first thing the next business morning. 

This new way of banking will save your time and allow for you to get your banking done at any time of the day, even if there are long lines in the drive-through. First National Bank worries about how much time there is in the day, just like you, and we understand it is hard to get everything done. That's why we're providing the newest time saver for your day: Banking “On The Go”! 



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