Agricultural Loans

Agricultural Loans

First National Bank is an "Ag Bank," meaning we finance successful farming operations of all types. Our clients are all over, from western Kansas to eastern Colorado and even in the Oklahoma panhandle. We work hard for our farming clients and want to make sure they get the best loan to help their businesses prosper.


We promote and finance all type of agriculture, including:

  • Irrigated farms
  • Dryland farms
  • Cow/calf ranch
  • Feeder/stocker cattle
  • Commercial Feedyards

Download our financial statements

* Financial Statement/Cashlfow Excel 7

* Financial Statement/Cashflow Excel 5

For additional information related to agriculture check out the new AgriChart page.


We strive to make our customers more successful through a combination of our years of expertise. We also bring in outside experts involved in:

  • Commodities marketing
  • Crop insurance
  • Farm economic trends